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Thursday, August 18, 2016

Coming Clean - The Laundering of Lab Coats

Dirty Lab CoatDo you ever wonder how best to clean your lab coats?

Last month in the newsletter,  I asked how your laboratories address the laundering of lab coats.  Thank you to all those who responded.

The most common answer was either washing them at home (NOT a good idea) or not cleaning them at all! Only one respondent indicated using a commercial dry cleaner, with whom the university has a master agreement contract for this service. In the short term, at least, this is a good option. The company is Magic Dry Cleaning, and they are located in East Liberty. They can be contacted at 412-362-0361. They pick-up dirty coats and deliver them back cleaned, for an (apparently) nominal fee. I suspect that the availability of this service is not widely known. Well, now you know!

Having researched the general topic of lab coat use and maintenance at a recent EH&S conference, I am going to be working on a more comprehensive approach, so stay tuned for further developments. And, for the record, we do NOT recommend washing lab coats at home for the reason that the materials spilled on them are typically not appropriate for home environments.

If you did not respond to my request in July’s newsletter, the comment line is still open! Let me know how you clean and maintain your lab coats.