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Friday, August 1, 2014

Broken Glass Containers

Pretty much every laboratory needs a container for the safe disposal of broken glass. 

  1. Containers can be obtained from Mellon Stores, for any campus location.
  2. Place all broken glass in the container, but no other materials, especially any hazardous chemicals.  Broken glass must NEVER go into the standard trash containers.
  3. Do not fill the container fully-75% full is the most, since it may become too heavy to dispose of otherwise.
  4. Disposal is done by:

    • sealing over the top of the container with sturdy tape (such as duct tape)
    • marking the exterior with the word "Trash"
    • placing the sealed container in the hall outside the lab for the custodial staff to remove

If the container in not picked up, contact EH&S and we will arrange for it.

Broken Glass Container image