Non-CMU Employees in Lab Part 2-Environmental Health & Safety - Carnegie Mellon University

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Non-CMU Employees in Lab Part 2

As you know, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) addresses safety in laboratories for EMPLOYEES of Carnegie Mellon.  We are also concerned with issues related to non-employees in our labs.  There are special activities that must be performed when persons who are not employees of Carnegie Mellon are present in our laboratories.  Last month we addressed Students, People under age 18, and Volunteers in the Labs.  Here is the second part of this information:

Other Non-Carnegie Mellon Persons
A formal relationship with the outside personnel must be established in such cases.  The employer of this outside worker must have a current agreement with Carnegie Mellon addressing the issues of the liability of the worker while at our site.  This addresses both outside researchers using Carnegie Mellon facilities as well as repair or maintenance personnel in our laboratories.  The lab or department is responsible to ensure that such an agreement is in place.

•    Where joint funding situations exist, University Counsel will need to evaluate the situation.
•    Unaccompanied visitors to the laboratories are not permitted (such as sales reps).

In some of the above circumstances, the university may require waivers to be signed by the outside person (or their parent or guardian for persons under age 18).  It is the responsibility of the laboratory or department to obtain such waivers, in a format approved by University Counsel.  Templates of such waivers are available from EH&S, to act as a starting point in getting the waiver approved by University General Counsel.

Final Authority
University General Counsel is the final authority on the resolution of all issues associated with non-Carnegie Mellon employees present in the laboratory.