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Friday, October 3, 2014

Bottle Carriers Available at Mellon Stores

Bottle CarriersMellon Stores now stocks bottle carriers to use when carrying glass bottles throughout the building or around your lab. These are designed so that if the bottle is dropped, the high performance thermoplastic elastomer carrier absorbs the shock and prevents the bottle from breaking. Carriers should be used when carrying any materials kept in glass bottles, especially acids, bases, solvents and toxic/carcinogenic liquids, to prevent breakage and subsequent chemical exposure if dropped. When cleaning up broken glass, the skin can become lacerated and allow harmful chemicals to enter the body through injection. Even if you are only carrying aqueous solutions, these carriers should be used to avoid the need to clean up broken glass from dropped bottles. Mellon Stores has these available and every lab group should have at least one. To safely transport multiple bottles, a cart with secondary containment should be used. For your convenience, Mellon Stores also sells secondary containment bins. Be sure that your lab transports chemical bottles safely by having and using these essential supplies.