Grad Student Safety Sumcommittee-Environmental Health & Safety - Carnegie Mellon University

Monday, September 12, 2016

Grad Student Safety Sumcommittee

You probably know that there is a University Laboratory Safety Committee, consisting of representatives from each university department where laboratories are present.  The committee is designed to address lab safety issues and act as a conduit of information between lab personnel and EH&S.  There is a representative on the Committee addressing GRADUATE STUDENTS as well.  The subcommittee contains grad students from each lab department.   Daniel Shiwarski of Biological Sciences is the chair of this subcommittee (though he will need to be replaced soon!).  The members are:

Representative Department
Daniel Shiwarski, Chair Biological Sciences
Tanvi Shashikant Biological Sciences
Travis Armiger Chemical Engineering
Alex Bertuccio Chemical Engineering
Chad Ratterman Chemistry
Lauren Finkenauer MSE

As you can see, there can be more tham one from a department, but we would like at least one rep from each department.  We still need someone from:  Mech E, CEE, Physics, MBIC, ECE and Biomedical E.

If you have any issues relating to lab safety you’d like the Lab Safety Committee to address, please contact one of the representatives on this subcommittee.  As people leave the university to graduate, there are routinely openings on the committee for replacement members.  If you are contacted to be on the subcommittee, please consider the request—the sub-committee plays an important role in lab safety!