Laboratory Self-inspections-Environmental Health & Safety - Carnegie Mellon University

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Laboratory Self-inspections

Last year, we introduced self-inspections in our BioRAFT system. We reported on a “beta test group” for these actions and found many volunteer labs to be very helpful, and they in turn, found the self-inspections very useful. We would like more of our lab groups to use this new tool.

Self-Inspections allow groups to perform their own safety assessments. These can be used as:
  1. Tools to prepare for announced EH&S Inspections
  2. A way for the group to determine internally how well safety is being practiced
  3. A mechanism for the education of group members on best practices and to improve the group’s safety culture.

To perform a self-inspection, go to your group’s page in BioRAFT. Along the top will be a banner with several options, one of which reads “Self-inspections”. Select this and you will find a red link on the far right to “add a new Self Inspection.” When you select this, you will have the option of a checklist format (like we use in our “official” inspections) or a questionnaire format. If you haven’t done a self-inspection before, have a look at both options and select the one you think will work best for your lab.