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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Jump Into BioRAFT!

Rafting, whether white-water or still, is a beloved summertime activity; Western Pennsylvania is full of great places to do this. The raft keeps us from sinking and drowning under the waters, in which we splash, thrive and play. Likewise, in the sea of safety regulations, compliance and training requirements, it is easy for us to slip into dangerous waters because managing what we need to stay afloat can become overwhelming. Rather than tread this alone, a lifeline has come our way in the form of BioRAFT Software!


BioRAFT is enterprise safety, compliance and training software that can easily conduct, track, report and archive laboratory, studio, shop and facility safety inspections. Researchers and supervisors will easily be able to complete online forms that will greatly simplify information collection, documentation and information storage. This piece will be implemented at CMU over the next several months.  Another BioRAFT advantage is the comprehensive health and safety training program with automated requirements settings and reminders. EHS has just begun to roll this out. 

In order to fully utilize this time-saving software, an Andrew ID is required for each personnel member, to assign them to the appropriate work group and to allow them to take any of our web-based or classroom trainings. Principal Investigators and managers should request Andrew IDs from their business managers prior to start dates. For visiting researchers or interns, a "Courtesy Appointment" status is appropriate.

EH&S staff will be setting up BioRAFT access soon. When you are contacted to set up BioRAFT in your area, you can breathe a sigh of relief, because help is on the way and soon you’ll be safely afloat!

By: Michael J. Patrick, mjp@andrew.cmu.edu, 412-268-3221