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Sunday, October 4, 2015 Email Notifications

When a safety inspection of your lab or workspace has been conducted, or if you are due for safety training, BioRAFT safety compliance software will send automated reminder email notifications to your CMU Andrew email address. The automated messages come directly from the BioRAFT server, not, so the reminder messages will always have the domain name. For some users, these BioRAFT email notifications have been automatically going to their Junk email folder. Clearly reminder messages that affect your safety, and those around you, should be seen and acted upon without delay.

You can easily change your Junk E-mail Folder setting in Outlook to allow messages from Simply right click on the BioRAFT reminder message and under the Junk e-mail menu, select either “add sender’s domain to safe senders list” or “add sender to safe senders list.”

To respond to an inspection report or to complete safety training, please use the link provided in the BioRAFT reminder email notification. This will take you directly to the page needed to complete the action.

By: Michael Patrick,, 412-268-3221