BioRAFT Smart Mailer-Environmental Health & Safety - Carnegie Mellon University

Thursday, March 17, 2016

BioRAFT Smart Mailer

EH&S has been using BioRAFT for over a year now to manage safety training requirements through simple selection of job activities by the Principal Investigator or Compliance Liaison.  Another feature of the BioRAFT platform is Smart Mailer, which allows EH&S to target communications to specific users based on their job activities.  For example, if EH&S wants to communicate new safety information to all users of compressed gases, we can simply use Smart Mailer to send a message to everyone who has a particular job activity selected, such as “works with compressed gases.” 

Smart Mailer generates a current list of users, compiled on the spot, so new people are always included and those who no longer have the job activity checked are not. Rather than just sending the safety information to the PI’s and compliance liaisons by an email distribution list, and hoping they share it with their lab members, BioRAFT enables us to be able to communicate with the current users directly. Getting safety information directly to those who need it is the most efficient and effective method. Smart Mailer messages will appear in your Andrew email as well as in the compliance inbox on your homepage.  Look for future editions of the monthly Laboratory Safety/ Environmental Health Newsletter to be distributed through Smart Mailer.