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Thursday, March 17, 2016

Accident and Near-miss Reporting

Despite all of our best efforts, there are occasions where there are accidents in our laboratories which result in injuries or illness.  However slight the injury/illness might seem, it is important to report them to Human Resources.  This way, should a more serious complication develop, the proper people have been notified.  Also, it enables EH&S to review the issues surrounding the incident and perhaps implement changes to prevent future accidents and injuries. 

All injuries/illnesses should be reported to one’s supervisor. (Left Image) Injury Illness ReportThe supervisor is responsible for the PROMPT submittal of the HR form “Supervisor’s Injury/Illness Report” which is found at

A Near Miss is an incident that did not result in an injury or an illness, but which might easily have done so. (Right Image)  Near Miss FormEH&S would like to track these as well, as they may shine a light on a situation that would produce an illness or injury, and which we may be able to prevent.  If such incidents occur, please report them to EH&S (we are the only people who get this report) on the form: Non-injury and Near-miss Reporting Form