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Laboratory Safety Training Videos

Video content from the Laboratory Safety Training Part I can be replayed here.  However, to receive credit for this course, it must be viewed entirely in BioRAFT and the quizzes completed.

Section 1 - Training Course Organization, Lab Safety Training Overview, General information

Section 2 - Handbook, OSHA, Chemical Hygiene Plan , Chemical Hygiene Officer , Laboratory Safety Committee

Section 3 - Housekeeping, General Work Rules, Unattended work

Section 4 - General Lab Hazards (unsafe acts)

Section 5 - Other hazards, specific training, EHS Training, BioRAFT

Section 6 - Hazard information, NFPA

Section 7 - GHS Classification, Pictograms

Section 8 - Container labels

Section 9 - SDS, MSDSOnline

Section 10 - Handling Chemicals, ChemTracker, Chemical storage, incompatibility, transport, shipping

Section 11 - Compressed gases

Section 12 - Particularly Hazardous Substances, (HF)

Section 13 - Nanoparticles, 3D Printing, Process safety, fact sheets

Section 14 - Evaluating exposures, PELs, medical monitoring, chemical releases, entry routes

Section 15 - Signs and symptoms, Accidents, near misses

Section 16 - Protecting yourself, Risk management, Fume hoods, Respirators

Section 17 - Gloves, safety glasses, lab coats, foot wear, review

Section 18 - Emergency response guide, equipment, CMU Alert/App

Bonus material – credits and bloopers