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Safety in the Arts

Many unrecognized chemical and physical hazards exist for people involved in the graphic media and performance arts.  EH&S’s Safety in the Arts program aims to identify potential hazards and to institute guidelines designed to protect Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) artists against these hazards.
Some services that EH&S offers to CMU artists include:

  • Training classes related to the specific hazards that might be encountered in the work place (HazCom training for those working with chemicals, ladder safety training, etc.)
  • Access to MSDSonline, which provides users of hazardous materials with Safety Data Sheets (SDS) and information for product labels related to those hazards
  • Use of ChemTracker, an online inventory management system, to keep track of all of the hazardous chemicals on-hand
  • Periodic audits of spaces to address possible safety issues
  • Disposal of hazardous materials through one of our waste vendors
  • Emergency response and accident investigation for those with occupational over-exposure to hazardous materials or for those who have been injured in the work place


EH&S Main Office

Phone:(412) 268-8182

Location: FMSB 3rd floor