Carnegie Mellon University

Chemtracker Chemical Inventory Management System

Maintaining your chemical inventory is an essential part of Carnegie Mellon's efforts to comply with various OSHA and EPA regulations. It also provides critical information to emergency responders entering areas where hazardous chemicals are present. 

Send email to with the name of your Principal Investigator, Lead Researcher or Chemical owner for the laboratory or work area.

  • You must be approved to access these inventory records.
  • Your AndrewID will be your username. A temporary password will be emailed to you. 
  • When you first log into Chemtracker, your password will need to be changed.
Please refer to the Quick Start Guide. Additional user guides are available from the ChemTracker help page.
ChemTracker has a barcodes field that will allow you to utilize a barcode reader and barcode stickers with your inventory. See the Barcodes Guide for additional help with this feature.


All chemicals and chemical products. Typical examples are:

  • Compressed gases (including liquefied gases)
  • Flammable/ combustible liquids (i.e., alcohols, solvents, lubricants, paints)
  • Flammable solids (i.e., magnesium, sodium, organo-metallics)
  • Oxidizers (i.e., concentrated mineral acids, bromates, chlorates, permanganates)
  • Organic peroxides (i.e., hydrogen peroxide (>8%), benzoyl peroxide)
  • Poisons not included in the above categories, i.e.,:
    • biological toxins
    • dyes, adhesives, etc.
    • specimen solutions
  • Corrosives (acids, bases and other materials which are corrosive to the skin)
  • Controlled substances (DEA listed)
  • Soldering materials

If its not on the DO NOT INCLUDE list and has any sort of hazard associated with it, enter it in the inventory.


  • Retail products used for routine household-like activities (e.g. cleansers, dish soap)
  • Materials to be expended within 1-2 days (e.g., working solutions)
  • Radioactive materials
  • Biohazardous materials
  • Non-hazardous buffers
  • Growth media
  • Enzyme preparations