Professor Tools

As a facultly group we have begun to articulate what we mean by environmental literacy and are working to develop some standard practices and curricular and pedagogical frameworks, which other educators can adapt. We will develop a set of concepts that will define a basic understanding of environmental literacy so as to create a consistent knowledge base among the students who take a Luce course, and would define a scaffolding for others designing courses with environmental literacy as the learning objective.

One of our goals is to assess the environmental literacy of our students and to design a pedegogical tool that can be used in other classrooms with environmental topics. Each semester we have our professors give their students an identical pre and post test that we then analyze with the help of our assessment specialists from the Eberly Center here at Carnegie Mellon.

Below are various in progress resources to mark our progress in attempting to define environmental literacy

1. Pre and Post Test Questions
2. Coding Sheets
3. Data and Test Assessment