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For Graduate Students: Frequently Asked (and Answered) Questions Matrix

The table below lists needs for which graduate students most frequently seek our help. "Click" the buttons in the table to be taken to the office web pages that highlight how members of the VPE division can assist you.

Do you need help with something not in the table? Contact Dr. Suzie Laurich-McIntyre, Assistant Vice Provost for Graduate Education, at

Please note: The above contact information is not for emergencies. For emergencies, please contact
University Police by calling 412-268-2323.





I would like help with ...

I would like help with ...

I would like help with ...

I would like help with ...

writing a/an . . . paper, article, grant, thesis, etc.

with my advisor.

fellowship opportunities.

developing effective
teaching practices.

finding more in-depth
training on writing.

getting feedback on
my oral presentation.

finding small grant
funding for my research.

preparing for
my ITA test.

preparing oral and visual presentations (e.g., poster, PowerPoint).

understanding U.S.
classroom culture.

preparing research or fellowship application materials.

developing a
teaching portfolio.

addressing challenges
in my program.

strengthening my
English as a non-native speaking student.

finding professional
development seminars
and workshops.

managing dynamics within
our group project team.

finding funding for my
conference attendance.