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Leadership of the Vice Provost for Education (VPE) Division

The Vice Provost for Education oversees a corps of expert faculty and staff who lead offices represented in the division's organizational chart below. Also provided below is the membership of the VPE Leadership Team (VPE LT), which meets regularly to disseminate promising practices, discuss assessment of educational programs and initiatives, and develop strategies that respond to the evolving needs of communities within the university and within higher education around the globe.

Vice Provost for Education Organization Chart [.pdf]
VPE Organizational Chart [.pdf]

Vice Provost for Education Leadership Team (VPE LT)

Amy Burkert, Ph.D.
Vice Provost for Education and Teaching Professor
of Biological Sciences
Marsha Lovett, Ph.D.
Director of the Eberly Center for Teaching Excellence and Educational Innovation, Co-coordinator of The Simon Initiative, and Teaching Professor of Psychology
Norman Bier
Director of the Open Learning Initiative and Core Collaborations
Director, Office of the Vice Provost for Education

Eric Grotzinger, Ph.D.
Senior Fellow for Persistence

Director of Disability Services
Judith Hallinen, Ed.D.
Assistant Vice Provost for Educational Outreach
Catherine Ribarchak
Administrative Assistant to the Vice Provost
for Education
Peggy Heidish
Director of the Intercultural Communication Center
Stephanie Wallach, Ph.D.
Assistant Vice Provost for Undergraduate
Linda Hooper
Director of Academic Development
Ty Walton
Director of the Carnegie Mellon Advising and Resource Center
Suzie Laurich-McIntryre, Ph.D.
Assistant Vice Provost for Graduate Education
Joanna Wolfe, Ph.D.
Director of the Global Communication Center
and Teaching Professor of English