DNP 2017

Fall Meeting of the Division of Nuclear Physics of the American Physical Society

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Conference Experience for Undergraduates 2017

The 20th anniversary of this program, "CEU17", will run in parallel to the DNP meeting. Abstracts and should be submitted by August 1, 2017 via the pages linked here: CEU abstract and registration site.

The DNP banquet on Friday, October 27, will include an after-dinner talk:

Brain Representations of Basic Physics Concepts

Professor Marcel Adam Just
Director, Center for Cognitive Brain Imaging, Carnegie Mellon University

Abstract: The findings concerning physics concepts build on the remarkable new ability to determine the neural signature (or activation pattern) corresponding to an individual concept using fMRI brain imaging. Moreover, the neural signatures can be decomposed into meaningful underlying dimensions, identifying the individual, interpretable components of the neural representation of a concept. The investigation of physics concepts representations reveals how relatively recent physics concepts (formalized only in the last few centuries) are stored in the millenia-old information system of the human brain.

The University of Pittsburgh is hosting a public lecture separate from the DNP meeting:

The Future of Fundamental Physics

Professor David Gross
Tuesday, Oct. 24, 4:00 - 5:30pm
University Club, Ballroom B, University of Pittsburgh (location not at the conference hotel, but reachable by bus or taxi)

Abstract: At the frontiers of physics we search for the principles that might unify all the forces of nature and we strive to understand the origin and history of the universe. In this lecture I shall describe some of the questions that we ask and some of the proposed answers. I shall also discuss what it might mean to have a final theory of fundamental physics and whether we are capable of discovering it.