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Carnegie Mellon's Nutrition Calculator

The Nutrition Calculator is a food and nutrition tracking tool that is available online and via an app. The tool analyzes most food items offered across campus, allowing you to make informed decisions about what you eat in regards to nutrition facts, ingredients, and food allergens. The calculator database is constantly updated and refreshed to keep up with new menu items and options.

You can use the Nutrition Calculator to:

  • Track your diet
  • Review nutrition facts and ingredients* for menu items at campus dining locations
  • Filter menu items by nutrient range or dietary preferences

*A Note About Food Allergies

University dining vendors work hard to identify foods that contain allergens and implement food preparation practices that minimize the risk of cross-contact; however, our dining vendors cannot guarantee that any menu items are free of allergens due to, among other reasons, shared equipment that may handle common allergens. Additionally, food manufacturers may change their product formulations without our vendors’ knowledge.

The Nutrition Calculator should not be used as a definitive guide for food allergens. Guests with food allergies, food intolerances, or other special diets that require abstaining from certain food items should consult the chef or manager at the dining facility for specific ingredient questions when in that dining facility.

How to Use the Nutrition Calculator

  1. Choose the meal time: breakfast, lunch, dinner, or late night
  2. Choose the restaurant: The Underground, for example
  3. Choose the food group: sandwiches/wraps, for example
  4. Choose the food: fajita chicken wrap, for example
  5. Click "Add Food to Meal"
  6. Click on "My Meal" at the top to edit condiments, toppings, etc.

You can use the filters tab to filter menu items based on nutrient values and dietary preferences.  After selecting your filters, slide the filters to "on."  Any items that do not fit your dietary preferences will be grayed out.

Icons can be found to the right of each menu item, or by clicking on menu item > "diet/allergy" above the nutrition facts.  Click the "ingredients" to see the full list of ingredients. 

Nutrition Calculator

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Nutrition Calculator

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