Scotty Goes Green in Dining Services!-Dining Services - Carnegie Mellon University

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Scotty Goes Green in Dining Services!

Dining Services has actively engaged in Carnegie Mellon University’s Scotty Goes Green Program, achieving the Bronze level certification status. With the goal of promoting a high standard for environmental and sustainability practices on campus, the Dining Services staff has teamed together to assess its office’s energy use, waste management (reduce, reuse, recycle), green purchasing, transportation, and other general workplace practices. Specifically, the office has:

  • Signed the Scotty Goes Green Office Participation Pledge.
  • Completed the Green Office Pre-Audit.
  • Includes sustainability topics as a regular agenda item at staff meetings.
  • Has established an active Green Team.
  • Displays the Green Tip poster/certificate on an office bulletin board.
  • Contacts the Dining Services Scotty Goes Green Rep regarding ideas, questions, and comments about sustainability.
  • Turns off lights when leaving an unoccupied room or uses task lighting or daylight in place of overhead lights.
  • Uses human power instead of electric power whenever possible.
  • Engages in energy efficient computing practices.
  • Uses centralized, shared appliances and equipment including printers, scanners, copiers, and refrigerators.
  • Unplugs Vampire Power.
  • Turns off computers and monitors each night.
  • Completes an energy “power down” before holidays and breaks.
  • Ensures that windows are tightly closed during heating and cooling seasons.
  • Carpools, takes a shuttle, bikes, or walks to on-campus meetings and departmental events.
  • Takes note of bike racks nearest Morewood.
  • Reports leaks and runny faucets to FMS.
  • Uses environmentally friendly products.
  • Participates in food composting.
  • Uses reusable mugs/cups at office meetings and events.
  • Practices recycling and posts instructions near all recycling bins.
  • Provides recycling bins at events and meetings sponsored by Dining Services.
  • Recycles batteries using the FMS battery collection service.
  • Reuses single-sided copy and print paper.
  • Recycles used toner and ink cartridges from printers and copy machines.
  • Has established an office supply sharing and reuse area for file folders, binders, pens, tape, etc.
  • Uses interdepartmental envelopes for mailing on campus.
  • Prints and copies on both sides of a page and office printers/computers are set for automatic double-sided printing whenever possible.
  • Buys paper containing at least 30% recycled content.
  • Purchases new or used appliances and equipment that comply with USEPA Energy Star Guidelines.
  • Reuses all standard office supplies (paperclips, push pins, folders, etc.) whenever possible and generally refrains from making these purchases often.

Dining Services will continue to take steps in the direction of reducing its environmental footprint, in regards to office practices as well as its overall dining program.