Frequently Asked Questions-Dining Services - Carnegie Mellon University

Frequently Asked Questions

Dining Services frequently receives the following questions. If you do not find an answer to your question here, please contact us at or 412-268-2139.

How do I sign up for a meal plan?

When I purchase a meal plan, is it just for one semester?

Why are first year students required to have a meal plan?

Is there any way I can be released from a meal plan?

How do I use my meal plan?

What if I lose my ID card?

What happens to my meal plan during less than full weeks, such as Thanksgiving?

What if I have special dietary requirements?

What are the hours of operation during holidays or other special events?

Why can't food be carried out of the Schatz Dining Room?

Who serves the food on campus?

Where can I find nutritional values?

Who sets the pricing for the vendors?

Who watches over vendor quality?

How can I voice my suggestions and give feedback to Dining Services directly?