Carnegie Mellon University

2015-16 Fellows

Elenor HaglundEleanor Haglund

Major: Creative Writing
Project: “Big Bite”
Advisors: Kevin González and Jane McCafferty
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Geneva JacksonGeneva Jackson

Major: Global Studies
Project: “From Hippies to Hipsters: A Study of American Popular Music Festivals as Youthful Rites of Passage”
Advisor: Judith Schachter
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Kaylyn KimKaylyn Kim

Major: Psychology
Project: “Using Security Priming to Reduce Jealousy in Romantic Relationships”
Advisor: Brooke Feeney
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Kaytie NielsenKaytie Nielsen

Majors: Creative Writing and Directing
Project: “Two Documentaries on Afro-French Identity: Exploring Filmic Storytelling through Conventional and Experimental Methodologies”
Advisor: Mame-Fatou Niang
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Sayre OlsonSayre Olson

Majors: English and Creative Writing
Project: “Memoir through Fiction”
Advisor: Sharon Dilworth
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Lucy PeiLucy Pei

Majors: Global Studies and Human-Computer Interaction
Project: “Language Use and Code-Switching in Bilingual Immigrant Family Storytelling”
Advisor: Sue-Mei Wu
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Chloe ThompsonChloe Thompson

Majors: Global Studies and Hispanic Studies
Project: “Part of the Establishment: Comparing the Provisional Irish Republican Army and Hezbollah’s Dual Identities”
Advisor: Colin Clarke
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Laurnie WilsonLaurnie Wilson

Majors: Creative Writing and History
Project: “Fiction and Photography: Narratives in the 21st Century”
Advisor: Jane Bernstein
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