Carnegie Mellon University

Dietrich Honors Fellows

Nine distinguished Carnegie Mellon University juniors will spend the summer working on research and creative projects that span across the college’s various disciplines, including psychology, international relations, creative writing and more.

The students’ work is funded through the Dietrich College of Humanities and Social Sciences Honors Fellowship, an extension of the college’s Senior Honors Program, and gives the fellows a head start on their thesis development.

“What strikes me about this cohort is the high degree of relevance of their topics to important current societal issues, such as state-wide politically-motivated gerrymandering, or a combined research and creative project that explores and deconstructs the relationship between violence and humor,” said Joseph E. Devine, associate dean for undergraduate studies. “It is very heartening to see students’ interests be so attracted to thorny issues that matter so much to our society, and that hold such promise of positive insight and impact.”

Meet the fellows