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Max G'Sell

Max G'Sell

Associate Professor

5000 Forbes Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15213


I am an associate professor in the Department of Statistics and Data Science, as well as affiliated faculty in the Machine Learning Department. Prior to joining the department in 2014, I obtained my Ph.D. in Statistics from Stanford University under the supervision of Robert Tibshirani. Before that I received my B.S. in Physics and Applied Math at the California Institute of Technology in 2009.

Specific Research Interests

I am interested in the development of statistical methodology, as well as applications of statistics to the sciences. I have particular methodological and theoretical interests in high-dimensional statistics, post-selection inference, clustering, I am also currently involved in several collaborations in neuroscience and cellular biology, and I am especially interested in questions that arise at the interface of these applied areas and statistical machine learning.

Lab Groups

Areas of Research