Carnegie Mellon University

Student Groups

American Statistical Association CMU Student Chapter

CMU’s chapter of the American Statistical Association acts as the university's student-run, professional organization representing the statistics community. We aim to bridge members across the Carnegie Mellon University community through networking and mentorship opportunities, speaking engagements, and community events.

Carnegie Mellon Sports Analytics Club

The Carnegie Mellon Sports Analytics Club is a student-run sports statistics club which uses in-depth quantitative data to develop our members’ understanding of sports analytics, strategies, and management. The club actively seeks new members year round to research and write articles on a variety of sports, develop leadership skills, and participate in analytics competitions. If you’re interested in sports analytics, learning more about it – and potentially making a career out of it – contact the club president.

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Carnegie Mellon Data Science Club

The CMU Data Science Club's purpose is to serve as a platform for students to pursue their interests in data science in a setting that is both collaborative and competitive. Join them on their Facebook page to stay updated about their upcoming events and club activities! Feel free to contact them with any questions.

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Women in Statistics

The Women in Statistics group at Carnegie Mellon University was created in January 2015 by PhD students in the statistics department. Its members are the current PhD students in the department.
This group supports PhD students throughout their graduate school experience while providing opportunities for professors to connect and openly communicate with PhD students outside classes or the academic environment. They also focus on providing opportunities for female alumni (recent graduates as well as others) to share their experiences after graduation with current PhD students, and for senior students to share their experiences, advice, and knowledge with junior students.

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Moneythink CMU

Moneythink expands economic opportunity in the United States by equipping urban youth to believe in themselves, navigate the financial decisions of adulthood, and achieve financial prosperity. Moneythink CMU does so by sending college mentors into high school classrooms once a week to give a lesson on essential financial literacy concepts. Their innovative model gets young people excited about making smart financial decisions and starts them down the path toward economic success – in turn, generating a financial ripple effect through families and entire communities. They focus on peer mentorship, pop culture examples as a teaching vehicle, and taking personal responsibility for one's finances.

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Actuarial Club

Actuaries are business professionals who deal with managing the risk of financial loss. They often work for insurance companies since insurance is society's form of risk management; however they also may work for consulting firms. Being an actuary is consistently rated a top profession. Most actuaries major in Mathematics, Statistics, Economics, or Finance, but students from any major or class year are welcome to join the Actuarial Club. Our mission is to represent the actuarial profession here at Carnegie Mellon. We hold regular informational meetings, study sessions for actuarial exams, and social events. If you are interested in learning more and to be added to their d-list: