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Statistics consists of two intertwined threads of inquiry: Statistical Theory and Data Analysis.

The former uses probability theory to build and analyze mathematical models of data in order to devise methods for making effective predictions and decisions in the face of uncertainty. The latter involves techniques for extracting insights from complicated data, designs for accurate measurement and comparison, and methods for checking the validity of theoretical assumptions. Statistical Theory informs Data Analysis and vice versa. The Statistics Department curriculum follows both of these threads and helps the student develop the complementary skills required.

Explore the requirements for each of the five majors that we provide in our department:

 StatCore     StatML     EconStat     StatMath     StatNeuro

Note: We recommend that you use the information provided as a general guideline, and then schedule a meeting with a Statistics Undergraduate Advisor to discuss the requirements in more detail, and build a program that is tailored to your strengths and interests.

For more detailed information on each major please see our Undergraduate Catalog.