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Roman Tikhonov

Roman Tikhonov

Predoctoral Fellow

  • BP 219E
5000 Forbes Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15213


Roman is a postdoctoral fellow working with Simon DeDeo to investigate the relationships between human abilities for prediction, explanation, and control of various dynamic systems.

Roman received his Ph.D. in Psychology in 2021 from St Petersburg University, Russia. As a part of his doctoral research, he has been conducting experimental studies at the intersection of Cognitive and Social Psychology. Specifically, he used a number of behavioral paradigms, such as category learning, multiple-cue learning, hidden covariation detection in social judgments, and artificial grammar learning, to study how people validate their implicit knowledge through social interactions.

Roman has also collaborated on a number of interdisciplinary research projects with sociologists, computer scientists, computational linguists, and industry partners (UsabilityLab and Jetbrains Research). As a lecturer at Higher School of Economics (HSE) University in St. Petersburg (2018-2022), he designed and taught introductory psychology courses (Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, Social Psychology) and supervised student research projects.