Carnegie Mellon University

Executive Program in Behavioral Economics

March 14–16, 2024 in person in Pittsburgh

Behavioral Economics and the Science of Decision-Making is designed to help executives and senior management leverage insights from the field of Behavioral Economics to strengthen their brand, engage consumers, and institutionalize an evidence-based approach to organizational decision-making and change management.

This program leverages research to explore evolving employer-employee relationships as well as digital interactions between businesses and consumers.

Behavioral Economics at Carnegie Mellon University

The Department of Social and Decision Sciences (SDS) at Carnegie Mellon University has long been at the forefront of research and teaching in Behavioral Economics, a discipline that integrates perspectives from Economics and Psychology. Faculty at SDS regularly collaborate with corporate, organizational, and government partners to apply insights and methods from Behavioral Economics to address real-world problems. In recent years, these partnerships have spanned a diverse range of industries such as finance, retail, insurance, marketing, health care, pharmaceuticals, transportation, and consulting.