Carnegie Mellon University
Belief-Based Utility Conference

Belief-Based Utility Conference at Carnegie Mellon
June 12-13, 2017

Conference Agenda


The conference was held on the campus of Carnegie Mellon University in the Marquis Conference Room in Scott Hall.


Andrew Caplin (Keynote)
New York University
Behavioral Data and Psychological Constructs

Armin Falk
Beliefs and Utility: Experimental Evidence on Preferences for
Information (with Florian Zimmermann)

Russell Golman
Carnegie Mellon University
Information Gaps and Belief-Based Utility (with George
Loewenstein, Silvia Saccardo, Nik Gurney and Andras Molnar)

Zach Grossman
Florida State University
Preference Signaling with Multiple Agents

Michaela Pagel
Columbia University
The Ostrich in Us: Selective Attention to Financial Accounts,
Income, Spending, and Liquidity (with Arna Olafsson)

Ilana Ritov
Hebrew University
Reciprocating Trust or Generosity

Andrew Schotter
New York University
On Blame and Reciprocity: Theory and Experiments

Peter Schwardmann
University of Munich
Selling Dreams: Endogenous Optimism in Lending Markets (with
Luc Bridet)

Nora Szech
Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
More Effort with Less Pay: On Information Avoidance, Optimistic
Beliefs, and Performance (with Steffen Huck and Lukas Wenner)

Joel van der Weele
University of Amsterdam
Measuring Responsiveness to Feedback as a Personality Trait
(with Thomas Buser and Leonie Gerhards)


Sunday, June 11 there was a welcome reception which was held at the Indigo Hotel, more information to come.

Monday, June 12 began at 8:30 am with breakfast and concluded at 6 pm. A conference reception and dinner was held at the Altius Restaurant on scenic Mount Washington.

Tuesday, June 13 began at 8:30 am with breakfast and concluded at 6 pm. Then all were invited to join us in a private box at PNC Park to watch the Pittsburgh Pirates take on the Colorado Rockies (dinner served).