Carnegie Mellon University


How Do I Join the Program?

Freshman Admission
Similar to the Humanities Scholars Program (HSP) in Dietrich College, freshman admission to QSSS is by invitation only.

Sophomore Admission
Existing freshmen students can apply for admission to the program as sophomores, provided that they have demonstrated sufficient quantitative skill in their first year.

If you are a current freshman interested in entering QSSS at the start of your sophomore year, you may apply by submitting a statement of interest in the program (1 page maximum, double spaced) by e-mail to the Program Director, Mark Patterson. The application deadline is March 31. Admissions decisions are made in May after spring semester grades are turned in. (Applications received after the deadline but before final decisions have been made may be considered at the discretion of the program director.) A letter of recommendation from a faculty member on the student's behalf will be considered if submitted by April 30, but is not required.