Carnegie Mellon University

Fellowships and Grants

Because our students have many opportunities to receive research training, they are highly successful when applying for research grants and fellowships.  Below are just a few of the research awards available to our students.

University Awards

Ireland Award

$1,500 to support high-quality undergraduate research projects

Small Undergraduate Research Grant (SURG)

Up to $1000 to offset the costs of undergraduate research projects (materials, participant compensation, etc.).

Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF)

$3500 to support 8-10 weeks of summer research at Carnegie Mellon University.

Dietrich Honors Fellowship

Up to $6500 to support honors thesis research.

National and International Awards


Funds a research project or an English Teaching Assistantship in a country outside of the United States for a period of 8-12 months.

Marshall Award

Funds students to study for a post-graduate degree in the United Kingdom.

National Science Foundation Graduate Fellowship

Funding for students to pursue graduate study in the Sciences, Social Sciences, and Engineering.