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How We See
An interview by Benjamin Tiven (“Distant Objects Becoming Near”). This interview is part of Common Minds, a series of essays and conversations on the contemporary infatuation with the brain.


Video Article on Diffusion-Weighted Imaging at the Journal of Visualized Experiments
Phillips, J. S., Greenberg, A. S., Pyles, J. A., Pathak, S. K., Behrmann, M., Schneider, W., & Tarr, M. J. (2012). Co-analysis of Brain Structure and Function using fMRI and Diffusion-weighted Imaging. J. Vis. Exp. (69), e4125, doi:10.3791/4125.

Not Exactly Rocket Science - A National Geographic Blog


PNC Summer Student Nick Blauch's Final Presentation

"Virtual Electrophysiology in AlexNet"

Elissa Aminoff's IdeasLab Talk at the Annual Meeting of the New Champions, World Economic Forum 2016

"Decoding the Neural Basis of Visual Cognition"

Keynote at the 20th Annual OPAM Meeting

Waterloo Brain Day 2012

"Unraveling the Neural Architecture of Human Face Recognition"

Mike @ TEDx Pittsburgh

The title of my talk here and on the TEDx page is INCORRECT, I dreamed up this talk about 1 hour before my presentation (the last one of the entire event), after hearing the other talks and getting to know something about the attendees.

Brain - Mind - Learning

Fastball Trailer

The Impact of Brain and Mind Research

Leading Innovation Boston Panel Discussion

How To Build A Better Brain

Brain gain: How the Pittsburgh region will benefit from the federal BRAIN initiative

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Op-Ed Article

Coming Home

CMU Today article about Mike's return to Carnegie Mellon