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Meredith Vanvleet

Meredith Vanvleet

Postdoctoral Fellow, Carnegie Mellon University

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Carnegie Mellon University
Department of Psychology
5000 Forbes Avenue
Pittsburgh, Pa. 15213


Meredith received her Ph. D. from Carnegie Mellon University in September 2014. Her general research interests lie in the study of positive processes in close relationships. Her research thus far has been grounded in attachment theory and has focused on the effects of support provided in both positive contexts (such as when a partner pursues a new independent interest or goal) and support provided in times of adversity. She's also passionate about studying the day-to-day positive processes that influence a couple’s relationship functioning and health. In her dissertation work, Meredith has been researching the impact of sharing fun, lighthearted, highly interactive activities (referred to as play) with one’s partner on relationship quality among newlyweds and older adult populations. In her current post-doctoral work, Meredith is collaborating with Dr. Vicki Helgeson on an NIH/NDDK-funded project examining collaborative coping among couples with Type 1 diabetes.


M. S. Social/Personality/Health Psychology (May, 2012) Ph.D (September 2014). Carnegie Mellon University. Advisor: Dr. Brooke Feeney

B. S. Psychology (May, 2008). Grand Valley State University. Advisor: Dr. Brian Lakey


Lakey, B., Orehek, E., Hain, K., & Van Vleet, M. (2010). Enacted support links to negative affect and perceived support are more consistent with theory when social influences are isolated from trait influences. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, 1, 132-142.

Feeney, B.C., & Van Vleet, M. (2010). Growing through attachment: The interplay of attachment and exploration in adulthood. Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, 27, 226-234.