Carnegie Mellon University

Kody Manke

Kody Manke

Assistant Professor (Teaching)


I am largely interested in social justice and inequality, and in using social psychology to help understand and address the nature and causes of these issues in the real world. My research focuses on social identity, especially in the context of stereotypes and culture. Using lab and field studies, I test how people’s construal of social situations (and of themselves within those situations) affects both immediate and long-term outcomes. I also conduct intervention research in real-world contexts, improving outcomes in domains such as academic performance, belonging, and wellbeing. 

One of my lines of research examines how even a single experience of stereotype threat can have lasting effects on belonging and motivation. Another line of research utilizes text messaging to deliver self-affirmation interventions to enhance wellbeing in times of stress. I'm also interested in how culturally embedded social experiences are related to wellbeing and longevity, and how these processes differ between Spanish and U.S. cultural contexts.