Carnegie Mellon University

Departmental Highlights


  • PhD Student Robert Vargas just received an American Psychological Foundation Visionary Grant. These grants are intended to support innovative research, education, and intervention efforts that advance psychological knowledge and its application.

  • Welcome to Lauren Aulet, who received a Presidential Postdoc Fellowship and will be joining Jessica Cantlon’s lab in July.  
  • Congratulations to Brad Mahon - his co-founded company, MindTrace, recently won the first-place prize of LifeX Labs and Pittsburgh Life Science Greenhouse’s co-sponsored Life Sciences Accelerator program. 
  • Claire Bergey received the Conference Award Computational Modeling Prize in Language from the Cognitive Science Society (Advisor:  Yurovsky, in collaboration with DeDeo).
  • Michael Granovetter is a recipient of an American Epilepsy Society Graduate Fellowship  (Advisor: Behrmann).
  • Alana Mittleman, a Cognitive Science major with an additional Major in Statistics, was selected as this year’s winner of the Gretchen Goldsmith Lankford Award (Research Advisor: Rakison).
  • Jeanean Naqvi received funding for her F31 grant submission for research on racial & ethnic differences in social support and health among individuals with Type II diabetes (Advisor: Helgeson)
  • Chisom Obasih (Advisors: Holt/Shinn-Cunningham) and Sophie Robert (Advisor: Behrmann) both received NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program (GRFP) funding. Urszula Oszczapinska (Advisor: Heller) and Austin Luor (Advisors: Holt/Shinn-Cunningham) were awarded NSF GRFP Honorable Mentions.
  • Ven Popov (recent CMU PhD Alum) is a recipient of the the Glushko Prize awarded by the Cognitive Science Society for his Ph.D. dissertation (Advisor: Reder).
  • David Rakison and Lisa Oakes’ new book, Developmental Cascades, is the recipient of the Eleanor Maccoby Book Award Committee for 2021 from APA, Division 7.