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Miscellaneous Memory Papers
These papers describe work in semantic memory and verification, test the semantic/episodic distinction, explore word superiority effect in word recognition, and the verbal overshadowing phenomenon in face recognition.

Schooler, J.S., Ryan, R., & Reder, L.M. (1996). The cost and benefits of verbally rehearsing memory for faces. In D.J. Herrmann, M.K. Johnson, C. Hertzog, C. McEvoy & P. Hertel (Eds.) Basic and Applied Memory Research, Vol. II.  Hillsdale, N.J.: L. Erlbaum, pp.51-65. [download PDF]

Lebiere, C., Anderson, J.R., & Reder, L.M. (1994). Error modeling in the ACT-R Production System. Proceedings of the Cognitive Science Society, Atlanta, Georgia. [download PDF]

Smith, E.E., Haviland, S.E., Reder, L.M., Brownell, H., & Adams, N. (1976). 
When preparation fails: Disruptive effects of prior information on perceptual recognition. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Perception and Performance, 2, 151-161. [lead article] [download PDF]

Reder, L.M., Anderson, J.R., & Bjork, R.A. (1974). A semantic interpretation of encoding specificity. Journal of Experimental Psychology, 102(4), 648-656. [download PDF]