Infant Cognition Lab

David Rakison DPhil | Carnegie Mellon University

We are a developmental research team directed by Dr. David Rakison, a professor at Carnegie Mellon University. We are interested in how infants learn to view the world around them.

Do you have an infant or young child?

If so, you can help us with our research. We recruit babies between 4 and 26 months of age to take part in our studies. We would also be pleased to hear from you if you are expecting a baby.

Ever wanted to know how your baby learns, or whether they see the world the same way that you do? That is what we study at the Infant Cognition Lab. We are interested in what infants learn and understand about the animals, objects, and people around them.


We are situated on the Carnegie Mellon University campus in the Margaret Morrison Building. If you agree to take part in our study, you will be sent directions lab, and one of our lab coordinators will provide you with directions over the phone.

Please visit our Contact page if you would like to see directions online.

Lab Visits

For every study, you will be with your child at ALL TIMES. The studies are very simple but fun! For example, your child will watch a computer display or play with some toys for a few minutes while we observe your child’s behavior. A typical visit to the lab usually lasts 30 minutes or so, and is fun for you and your baby!

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