Carnegie Mellon University

Graduate Student Handbook

This handbook is a resource for Psychology graduate students enrolled in the Ph.D. program. It is intended to be a guide for students for all the information they will need as they move through the program. This includes, among other things, information about required classes, the teaching practicum, the student/advisor relationship, the evaluation process, and the appeal process. However, individual students should contact their advisor, the department head, the graduate director, or the graduate student coordinator if they have any additional questions or require clarification about any of the information herein. Any requirement can be excused or replaced with an alternative by the Graduate Education Committee in order to recognize overlap with previous training or to tailor the program to a student's specific training needs.  Such changes, however, are the exception and can only be made in response to a petition submitted by the student and approved by his/her advisor and committee.

While this handbook is specific to the academic experience in the Psychology department, there are several other resources and offices that graduate students are encouraged to consult during their tenure at Carnegie Mellon University.

If a student requires a hard copy of this handbook, please contact the Graduate Program Manager.

Graduate Student Handbook (pdf)

Dissertation Proposal Example (pdf)