Carnegie Mellon University

Application Requirements

GRE Information:

The institution code for CMU is 2074. The psychology code is 2016.  We do not require the GRE Psychology subject test.

Test of Spoken English Requirement:

If your native language is not English, then you MUST submit a TOEFL.  If you are currently working on or have received a bachelors and/or a masters degree in the US and your native language is not English, the TOEFL is still required. Our institution code is 2074.  Our department code is 08.

QPA/GRE Cut Offs:

We do not have "cut-offs" for QPA or GRE scores. Students entering our program generally receive GRE scores in the 80th percentile on both the math and verbal components, writing GRE scores of 4+, and a GPA of 3.5+. Students have successfully been admitted to the program with scores below this level. The reason we do not have "cut-offs" is because we know that there are many other factors involved including your academic background (e.g., the school you attended, the classes you have taken), and whether or not you have research experience and/or publications. The extent to which your research interests match those of faculty members is also a very significant part of the admissions decision. With this in mind, you may wish to contact faculty members directly to determine whether they are accepting graduate students in the following year and whether your research interests overlap with theirs.


Mail one official transcript from each College and/or University attended directly to the address below. Transcripts must be received by December 1. Since fall grades are not required, please send your transcripts NOW.

Letters of Recommendation:

Three letters of recommendation are required. At least two should be from faculty or recent employers. Recommenders should know you relatively well and be able to evaluate the quality of your academic and professional abilities. Please send the email requests to your recommenders as early as possible and well before the application deadline

Supplemental Materials:

Mail all supplemental materials (Transcripts, CV, etc) to the address listed below:
ATTN:Erin Donahoe
Graduate Program
Department of Psychology
Carnegie Mellon University
5000 Forbes Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15213

Missing Materials:

Our admissions will contact you if there are any missing pieces of your application materials (application, fees, letters, transcripts, etc).