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For more information about Dr. Helgeson, see her vitae [.pdf]

The Staff:

Pamela Snyder attended Indiana University of Pennsylvania where she majored in sociology. Later she completed her masters degree at the University of Pittsburgh. Throughout her career as a researcher she has worked on a variety of studies covering topics such as the response of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to Hurricane Hugo, customer satisfaction for business clients of the United States postal system, and the quality of job placement for technical schools in Southwestern PA.  Dr. Helgeson and her have worked together for over 20 years on the quality of life of women diagnosed with breast cancer and young people with type 1 diabetes. She has three grown children, Rebekah, Anne and Ben, and a dog named Dingo. Most of her free time is spent at her cabin near Cook’s Forest.

Abby Vaughn graduated from Pitt with a bachelor's in psychology. She began working with Vicki since 2004. She spent her first year with Vicki working on a breast cancer research project, and since then has worked on the Teen Health, Transition Times, and REACH studies. She lives in Pittsburgh's North Hills area with her husband, son, three cats, and a turtle. They expecting their second son early in 2013. In her limited free time, Abby enjoys camping, baking, knitting, and reading.

Jamie Vance has worked for Vicki since 2008. She graduated from the University of Pittsburgh with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Anthropology. Before coming to CMU, she worked in the human resources department at UPMC. She enjoys hiking and nature photography. She lives in suburbia with her husband and 3 cats.

Tiona Jones is a research assistant in Dr. Helgeson's lab.  She graduated with a degree in Psychology from Carnegie Mellon University in 2012.  She worked in Dr. Helgeson's undergraduate research lab studying the transition from the pediatric to the adult health care system for adolescents with Type 1 Diabetes.

Gianna Swetz is a research assistant in Dr. Helgeson's lab. After graduation from St. Vincent College in 2009 with her BS in Psychology, she moved to North Carolina.  She spent her time in North Carolina working in several capacities within the mental health field.  Being a lifelong
resident of Pennsylvania, she longed for the days of black and gold in Steeler Country, and is happy to return home. She enjoys meeting new people and likes to jog, play tennis, and cook.

The Lab Group:

Dianne Palladino (not pictured)  Ph.D. student

Rachel Johnson, senior, Psychology Major

Joshua Swanson, sophomore, Psychology and Philosophy Major

John Ra, sophomore, Biological Sciences and Psychology Major

Honor Randall, senior, Psychology and Art Major

Yu Zhao, junior, Psychology and Art Major

Jennifer Hirsch, senior, Decision Sciences and Psychology Major

Lisa Kim, junior, Psychology Major