Carnegie Mellon University

Undergraduate Spotlight

Shalaya Minor

shalaya1sm.jpgI am Shalaya Minor. I was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I am a bright, energetic, conscientious student with a passion for learning, and educating others.

My desire to bring awareness has led me to Carnegie Mellon University. I am currently a sophomore psychology major.

Through my department, I have worked at the Children’s School for the past two years. In addition to my regular duties at the Children’s School and the help of the compassionate educators, I was able to implement my own black history lesson to teach the PM Preschool class.

Here is what educational administrator, Mrs. Rosenblum, has to say about my lesson:

On April 3rd, Shalaya Minor ran a group time and arranged activities for the PM Preschool class about well-known African Americans. She introduced the friends to Jackie Robinson (first African American professional baseball player), Martin Luther King, Jr. (minister and peace activist), and Madame C.J. Walker (inventor of hair care products and entrepreneur), and the friends talked about how to have a “peaceful” classroom. The friends put their hand prints on a “We Are All Equal” poster, used various skin-toned crayons to color pictures, and greatly enjoyed dramatic play in the “Walker Hair Salon”.

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