Carnegie Mellon University

Family Spotlight: Father-Daughter Pair at CMU

laurent2-300x300.jpgHello, Children's School Friends! We are the Laurent Family: Mélodie (AM 3’s in the Red Room this year), Adeline and Jonathan. Jonathan and I were born in France, and we met during our undergraduate studies in Paris. Soon after Mélodie joined our family, Jonathan was admitted into several Ph.D. programs in the US. We both chose Pittsburgh as a perfect place to work, live and raise our daughter.

Since our first days here, we have been amazed by the beautiful city parks that surround our neighborhood. We go there to play, hike and picnic as often as possible. While our families in France picture us living amongst a sea of buildings and neon lights, we are enjoying Frick Park's trails and chasing deer.

When we are not playing outdoors, Jonathan is doing research in Computer Science at CMU, and I am preparing weekly French lessons that I will be giving at Pittsburgh’s French Saturday School, starting next fall.

We only speak French to Mélodie, so she did not speak a word of English when she started school. Now, she comes home every day singing and mumbling in a language of her own that sounds more and more like English! Also, she likes to borrow English idioms when speaking French at home.

We really enjoy reading the school’s Daily News emails as we often find Mélodie’s rare accounts of her mornings at school somewhat questionable. For example, she recently mentioned Mrs. Armbruster organizing night trips at the playground and playing on a “tiny, red, foldable piano that sounds like a trumpet”.

We are very happy that Mélodie is getting her first school experience in such a joyful atmosphere, with brilliant people around her. I am sure she will cherish the memory of her preschool years at the Children's School for a long time.

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