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List of Books By Attribute


COURAGE gives one strength, power, and endurance to overcome or surmount obstacles weaknesses, hardships, and crises. The types of courage fall into three categories: physical, mental, and spiritual. Courage is associated with bravery, valor, and heroism. Bravery implies fearlessness in the face of danger, but courage may be shown in spite of fear. Valor defies danger. Heroism signifies self-denial and self-sacrifice in the face of danger.

To teach COURAGE: One must act with integrity and support those who act with courage in all its forms.

  • Flower Girl Butterflies, Elizabeth Fitzgerald Howard, PreK-K
  • Margaret and Margarita, Lynn Reiser, PreK-K
  • Brave Martha, Margot Apple, PreK-K
  • Thunder Cake, Patricia Polacco, K/K-1
  • Ira Sleeps Over, Bernard Waber, K/K-1
  • Abiyoyo, Pete Seeger, 1-2
  • The Paperboy, Dav Pilkey, 1-2
  • The Boy Who Held Back the Sea, Retold by Lenny Hurt, 2-3/3-4
  • Follow the Drinking Ground, Jeanette Winter, 2-3/3-4
  • The Crab Man, Patricia E. Van West, 2-3/3-4
  • Home at Last, Susan Middleton Elya, 2-3/3-4
  • Crazy Horse's Vision, Joseph Bruchac, 4-5
  • The Storm, Mark Harshman, 4-5
  • The Cello of Mr.O, Jane Culter, 5-6
  • Wilma Unlimited, Kathleen Krull, 5-6


LOYALTY, at the center of human values, cements social bonds between people, families, communities, and nations. It requires that we recognize a relationship to our fellow human begins; It must be cultivated and taught because it is rarely instinctive. Loyalty involves duty, a sense of commitment and community, and a knowledge that each of us is a part of something greater than ourselves. It makes us aware of the duties and obligations we, therefore, have toward each other.

To teach LOYALTY: One must exemplify commitment and honor to others and to ideals.

  • Miss Tizzy, Libba Moore Gray, PreK-K
  • Con Mi Hermano/With My Brother, Eileen Roe, PreK-K
  • Too Many Tamales, Gary Soto, K/K-1
  • Dogger, Shirley Hughes, K
  • Ish, Peter H. Reynolds, K-1
  • Circles of Hope, Karen Lynn Williams, 1-2
  • My Rotten Redheaded Older Brother, Patricia Polacco, 1-2
  • The Seven Chinese Brothers, Margaret Mahy, 2-3/3-4
  • The Legend of the Bluebonnet, Tomie dePaola, 2-3/3-4
  • Teammaters, Peter Golenbock, 2-3/3-4
  • Cornrows, Camile Yarbrough, 2-3/3-4
  • My Man Blue, Nikki Grimes, 4-5
  • Pink and Say, Patricia Polacco, 5-6
  • Coolies, Yin, 5-6


JUSTICE is the quality of being guided by truth, reason, and fairness. It keeps a society, nation, family, or relationship functioning in an orderly, fair manner. The mind and logical thinking play paramount roles in determining justice. Justice encompasses respect and understanding; it resists unjust control by one group or person over another.

To teach JUSTICE: One must strive for fairness and equity in everyday situations.

  • On Mother's Lap, Ann Herbert Scott, PreK-K
  • The Doorbell Rang, Pat Hutchins, PreK-K
  • Amazing Grace, Mary Hoffman, K/K-1
  • Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel, Virginia Lee Burton, K/K-1
  • King of the Playground, Phyllis Reynolds Naylor, 1-2
  • Sam and the Lucky Money, Karen Chinn, 1-2
  • Night Rabbits, Lee Posey, 2-3/3-4
  • Prince Boghole, Erik Christian Haugaard, 2-3/3-4
  • The Warrior and the Wise Man, David Wisniewski, 2-3/3-4
  • The Tale of the Mandarin Ducks, Katherine Paterson, 2-3/3-4
  • The Summer My Father Was Ten, Pat Brisson, 4-5
  • The Day Gogo Went to Vote, Eleanor Batezat Sisulu, 4-5
  • Nettie's Trip South, Ann Turner, 5-6
  • The Memory Coat, Elvira Woodruff, 5-6


RESPECT involves patience, openmindedness, and deference for traditions, differences (such as ability, age, race, and religion), the earth, the self, and others. It means a fair and open-minded attitude toward opinions and practices that differ from one's own. We show respect by listening carefully to other's viewpoints and acknowledging their validity.

To teach RESPECT: One must show and expect to be treated with respect.

  • Cleversticks, Bernard Ashley, PreK-K
  • Whoever You are, Mem Fox, PreK-K
  • Silent Lotus, Jeanne M. Lee, K/K-1
  • Masai and I, Virginia Kroll, K/K-1
  • Miss Rumphius, Barbara Cooney, 1-2
  • How My Parents Learned to Eat, Ina R. Friedman, 1-2
  • The Great Kapok Tree, Lynne Cherry, 2-3/3-4
  • Chicken Sunday, Patricia Polacco, 2-3/3-4
  • Crow Boy, Tara Yoshima, 2-3/3-4
  • The Wall, Eve Bunting, 2-3/3-4
  • Nadia's Hand, Karen English, 4-5
  • A River Ran Wild, Lynne Cherry, 4-5
  • Be Good to Eddie Lee, Virginia Fleming, 5-6
  • Thank You, Mr. Falker, Patricia Polacco, 5-6


HOPE involves feeling that what is desired is also possible. Hope is linked to faith and aspiration. Aspiration involves a strong desire, longing, aim, goal, ambition, and power that directs the individual to higher, nobler, and loftier objectives. It elevates beyond the plane of selfishness to nobility.

To teach HOPE: One must envision future goals and aspirations and use stories to support their validity.

  • The Carrot Seed, Ruth Krauss, PreK-K
  • Umbrella, Taro Yashima, PreK-K
  • A Chair for my Mother, Vera B. Williams, K/K-1
  • Owl Moon, Jane Yolen, K/K-1
  • Angel Child, Dragon Child, Michele Maria Surat, 1-2
  • Martha, Gennady Spirin, 1-2
  • Fly Away Home, Eve Bunting, 2-3/3-4
  • Grandfather's Journey, Allen Say, 2-3/3-4
  • How Many Days to America? Eve Bunting, 2-3/3-4
  • Knots on a Counting Rope, Bill Marin and John Archambault, 2-3/3-4
  • Peppe the Lamplighter, Elisa Batone, 4-5
  • The Caged Birds of Phnom Penh, Frederick Lipp, 4-5
  • One Small Blue Bead, Byrd Baylor, 5-6
  • Train to Somewhere, Eve Bunting, 5-6


HONESTY is a fundamental condition for friendship, for community. "There can never be any solid friendship between individuals or union between communities that is worth the name unless the parties be persuaded of each other's honesty." (Mitylene's Envoys o Athens, Thucydides' Peloponnesian War III. 10)

To teach HONESTY: One must work from a strong fiber of honesty that doesn't consider lying a possibility.

  • Jamaica's Find, Juanita Havill, PreK-K
  • Flora the Frog, Shirley Isherwood, PreK-K
  • Pedrito's Day, Luis Garay, K
  • Sam, Bangs, and Moonshine, Evaline Ness, K/K-1
  • Eli's Lie-O-Meter: A Story About Telling the Truth, Sandra Levins, K-1
  • The Empty Pot, Demi, 1-2
  • A Pair of Red Clogs, Masako Matsuno, 1-2
  • A Day's Work, Eve Bunting, 2-3/3-4
  • Roses Sing on New Snow, Paul Yee, 2-3/3-4
  • The Firekeeper's Son, Linda Sue Park, 2-3/3-4
  • Fire on the Mountain, Jane Kurtz, 2-3/3-4
  • Jackie's Bat, Marybeth Lorbiecki, 4-5
  • The Peddler's Gift, Maxine Rose Schur, 4-5
  • Sunshine Home, Eve Bunting, 4-5
  • Our King Has Horns! Richard Pevear, 4-5
  • A Day's Work, Eve Bunting, 4-5
  • A Dime a Dozen, Nikki Grimes, 5-6
  • Tea With Milk, Allen Say, 5-6


LOVE, like compassion, is a virtue of action as well as emotion; something not only felt but done. It is a feeling that needs to be educated and formed, so as not to be confused with sentimentality. Love is giving with no thought of getting. It is tenderness enfolding with the strength to protect. It is forgiveness without further thought of that which is forgiven. It is understanding human weakness with knowledge of the true person shining through. It is quiet in the midst of turmoil. It is a refusal to see anything but good in our fellow men and women. Love is the one thing we can give constantly and become increasingly rich in the giving.

To teach LOVE: One must operate daily out of caring commitment, and with kindness and understanding that are genuine.

  • Full, Full, Full of Love, Trish Cooke, PreK-K
  • The Night You Were Born, Wendy McCormick, PreK-K
  • Wilfrid Gordon McDonald Partridge, Mem Fox, K/K-1
  • Mama, Do You Love Me? Barbara M. Joosse, K/K-1
  • Pipaluk and the Whales, John Himmelman, 1-2
  • Honey, I Love and Other Poems, Eloise Greenfield, 1-2
  • Mufaro's Beautiful Daughters, John Steptoe, 2-3/3-4
  • The Rag Coat, Lauren Mills, 2-3/3-4
  • Annie and the Old One, Miska Miles, 2-3/3-4
  • The Gingerbread Doll, Susan Tews, 2-3/3-4
  • Going Home, Eve Bunting, 4-5
  • Sitti's Secret, Naomi Shibab Nye, 4-5
  • Lewis and Papa, Barbara Joosse, 5-6
  • The Lady in the Box, Ann McGovern, 5-6