Carnegie Mellon University

Cheri Mack

Cheri Mack

Preschool Threes Teacher


Cheri Mack is a native of Pittsburgh, PA. She is the Director of the Crafton Heights Community Preschool since 1996. She has a heart for mission and is an active member of the First U.P. Church of Crafton Heights. For ten plus years she has been a support teacher on most Thursdays at the Children’s School. She is excited to be part of the Children’s School family more fully this year due to the Covid impact at her other place of employment. She is looking forward to sharing her love of exploration, nature, and art with the children. Working with the wonderful team at CMU continues to bring Cheri a sense of joy and satisfaction.

In her spare time, a few of her favorite things to do are; growing flower gardens to attract butterflies and birds and cooking with a variety of foods and spices to create unique food combinations.