Carnegie Mellon University


The Philosophy Department offers four minors: Ethics, Linguistics, Logic & Computation, and Philosophy.


The minor in Ethics requires five courses and aims to provide a foundation in ethical theory and its applications to help students learn to respond to new and unavoidable ethical problems in business, government, technologies and more.


The minor in Linguistics requires six courses. It is jointly administered with the departments of English, Modern Languages, and Psychology. It synthesizes the linguistics related offerings in these departments and provides students with an academic experience that reflects both the interdisciplinary character of the subject and its cross-departmental representation in Dietrich College.

Logic & Computation

The minor in Logic & Computation requires six courses. It provides general course work in logic, the theory of computation, and philosophy. Elective courses for the minor may be taken in areas including philosophy, computer science, psychology, statistics, and more.


The minor in Philosophy requires five courses and gives students a broad philosophical foundation, requiring one course in Logic/Methodology, two courses in the History of Philosophy and two Philosophy electives. The minor complements any primary major from around the University.