Carnegie Mellon University

Graduate Student Handbook

Welcome to the Department of Philosophy at Carnegie Mellon University! We are glad to have you join our department as a student, and we hope that your experience with us is personally and professionally fulfilling.

We intend this handbook to be informative about the important departmental procedures and policies relevant to graduate studies here. Our handbook is specific about many of the services that the department provides, and we indicate what we expect in turn from our graduate students. Since such regulations are guidelines and cannot be explicit about all circumstances that arise, we apply the “the reasonable person principle.” We expect each member to treat others and to be treated as a reasonable person, understanding that sometimes reasonable people differ and, more important, understanding that reasonable people learn how to improve their cooperative arrangements. Hence, the procedure and policies described in this document are open to revision as we see better how to serve as your teachers and colleagues.

This handbook applies to all graduate degrees offered by the Department of Philosophy, including M.S., M.A., and Ph.D. degrees in Logic, Computation and Methodology, Philosophy, and Pure and Applied Logic. Some policies are specific to a few degree programs and will be noted as such.