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on_humanity.pngDietrich College's Monthly Podcast

In each episode of “On Humanity,” Bess Family Dean Richard Scheines interviews Dietrich College faculty members and researchers who are pioneers in their fields, taking on some of society’s most pressing challenges.

You’ll hear from neuroscientists, philosophers, behavioral economists, historians and many others who are studying and enhancing the human condition.

In addition to learning about their research, you’ll hear our guests talk about their pathways to entering their fields, as well as their personal interests beyond academia. Join us as we focus on the people who make Dietrich College a vibrant community and why they do work that matters.

Latest Episode

Scheines, Shinn-Cunningham & Holt

Episode 1: Listen Up with Lori Holt and Barbara Shinn-Cunningham

Auditory neuroscientists Lori Holt and Barbara Shinn-Cunningham talk about their work to understand language learning and the “cocktail party problem.” They both reveal unexpected paths to the field of psychology and a diverse set of interests, from travel to competitive saber fencing.


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