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on_humanity.pngDietrich College's Monthly Podcast


thumbnail-episode1.jpgEpisode 1: Listen Up with Lori Holt and Barbara Shinn-Cunningham

Auditory neuroscientists Lori Holt and Barbara Shinn-Cunningham talk about their work to understand language learning and the “cocktail party problem.” They both reveal unexpected paths to the field of psychology and a diverse set of interests, from travel to competitive saber fencing.


thumbnail-episode2.jpgEpisode 2: Machine Learning x Statistics with Larry Wasserman

Larry Wasserman shares the many ways his high-dimensional statistics and machine learning research has intersected with fields like genetics and astronomy. A member of the National Academy of Sciences, Wasserman describes how frustration with computer punch cards led him to a major in statistics.


thumbnail-episode3.jpgEpisode 3: Political Rhetoric with John Oddo

The Department of English’s John Oddo explores political rhetoric surrounding war with guest host and national columnist David Shribman, a scholar-in-residence at the Dietrich College. Oddo discusses his research on how members of the media report on victims of drone strikes.


thumbnail-episode4.jpgEpisode 4: Diversifying Tech Talent with Jeria Quesenberry

Jeria Quesenberry discusses her work on global diversity and inclusion issues in tech fields. She also highlights the Information Systems Program’s project-based courses for social good, which she describes as “the jewels in our crown.”