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thumbnail-episode1.jpgEpisode 1: Listen Up with Lori Holt and Barbara Shinn-Cunningham

Auditory neuroscientists Lori Holt and Barbara Shinn-Cunningham talk about their work to understand language learning and the “cocktail party problem.” They both reveal unexpected paths to the field of psychology and a diverse set of interests, from travel to competitive saber fencing.


thumbnail-episode2.jpgEpisode 2: Machine Learning x Statistics with Larry Wasserman

Larry Wasserman shares the many ways his high-dimensional statistics and machine learning research has intersected with fields like genetics and astronomy. A member of the National Academy of Sciences, Wasserman describes how frustration with computer punch cards led him to a major in statistics.


thumbnail-episode3.jpgEpisode 3: Political Rhetoric with John Oddo

The Department of English’s John Oddo explores political rhetoric surrounding war with guest host and national columnist David Shribman, a scholar-in-residence at the Dietrich College. Oddo discusses his research on how members of the media report on victims of drone strikes.


thumbnail-episode4.jpgEpisode 4: Diversifying Tech Talent with Jeria Quesenberry

Jeria Quesenberry discusses her work on global diversity and inclusion issues in tech fields. She also highlights the Information Systems Program’s project-based courses for social good, which she describes as “the jewels in our crown.”

thumbnail-episode5.jpgEpisode 5: Taking History Off of the Shelf with Edda Fields-Black

Edda Fields-Black discusses her contemporary symphonic work “Casop: A Requiem for Rice,” which tells the story of enslaved laborers on rice plantations in Lowcountry South Carolina and Georgia. She also previews her upcoming book about an often-untold story about Harriet Tubman. The first woman to lead men into battle in a major U.S. military operation, Tubman recruited spies, scouts, and pilots who guided 150 African American Union soldiers to rescue more than 750 blacks enslaved on rice plantations in the Combahee River Raid during the Civil War.

thumbnail-episode6.jpgEpisode 6: Language Learning in Real Life

Rémi Adam van Compernolle explores sociopragmatics — the roles that language use and language learning play in everyday social practices. In this episode, he describes how he studies second language development in classroom settings and via technology. A faculty member in Second Language Acquisition and French and Francophone Studies, van Compernolle once thought he’d study music performance or communication design, but a human behavior course helped him to discover what he could become passionate about.