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Call for Papers

Call for Other-Than-English Writing Submissions: Project -LOGUE

For their senior honors project (Project -LOGUE), Paloma Sierra-Hernandez and Abigail Salmon are looking for writing submissions from languages other than English, to be translated and published. They are also looking for visual and performing art submissions under the same mission of linguistic inclusion.

Submissions of all languages are being accepted from the Pittsburgh area. Pieces incorporating multiple languages are welcome!

Example submissions include Poetry; Short Story; Folk Tale or Folk Tale Adaptation; Song Lyrics; Personal Narrative. Accepted works will be translated into English for print and online publication. They will be published in their original language(s) with credit for the author, alongside

To submit or learn more, please email Abigail Salmon at

Visual and Performing Arts
Example Submission for Visual and Performing Arts include Visual Art (2D, 3D, and Media) and Performance (Music, Dance, and/or Theatre). Selected submissions will be displayed in an exhibit and featured in a print publication, with credit to artists.

To submit or learn more, please email Paloma Sierra-Hernandez at