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Study Abroad in Germany

Students enroll in a four- or eight-week summer intensive language course at the Goethe Institute, a world-class German language school. Participants will meet other students from all over the world who come to the Goethe Institute to learn German.

Students fill out a self-evaluation of their German skills with their application and take brief written and oral tests upon arrival in order to determine their level of proficiency. No previous experience in German is necessary; the Institute teaches German to beginning through very advanced students. Students receive 18 units of German language transfer credit (two courses) for four-week courses, or 36 units for eight-week courses.

Specifics are addressed in our Frequently Asked Questions on studying in Germany.

Course of Study

Classes meet at least 20 hours per week. Students are placed at the appropriate level for their language abilities. All classes are taught exclusively in German by a native speaker. At some institutes, classes are held in the afternoon only. Weekends are always free for personal travel or excursions offered by the Institute.


Students generally live with another course participant in double rooms. In some cities, students can choose to live in a dorm or be housed privately; in other cities, only private housing is available. Private housing situations vary tremendously: some students live with German families and have a good deal of contact with them; others live in a small apartment; still others have a room in a private home with little or no contact with a family. Housing assignments are given to students upon arrival at the Institute. Every attempt is made to honor housing requests, but no guarantees can be given.

In smaller cities, students generally live within walking distance of the school. In larger cities, however, students may live up to an hour from the school by public transportation. Students in the larger cities will need to purchase a pass for public transportation in their city, regardless of where they live relative to the school.

A printable document with information regarding dates and tuition costs is available [pdf].

The price includes tuition, books, and a private room. Some locations have double rooms available for a reduced price. See Prof. Gabriele Maier for specifics.

NOTE: Prices are subject to change according to the value of the US Dollar

Additional Costs

Students should plan to take at least $1,000 for each month to cover the costs of food—more if extensive travel or significant purchases are planned.

Arrival Day

On the day of arrival at the Goethe Institute, students are tested and placed into the proper class, receive their room assignment, and are given their housing assignments. No classes are held on arrival day.

Deadlines for 2020

The deadline for application to the program is April 1, 2020.

Max Kade Scholarships for Study Abroad at the Goethe Institute
Through a generous grant from the Max Kade Foundation, Carnegie Mellon students of German can apply for a summer study aboard scholarship for study at the Goethe Institute.

The deadline for scholarship applications is 4:00 pm, February 7, 2020.

Other Study Abroad Scholarships

Our department, along with the Dietrich College of Humanities and Social Sciences, offers study abroad scholarships for students to study for a semester, full-year, or summer overseas. Scholarships can be put towards tuition, room and board, airfare and/or book expenses when participating in any accredited study abroad program. A printable document with more information about these awards is available [pdf] as a fillable form.

We encourage you to visit the university's Office of International Education and Study Abroad websites. They may be helpful for students who are evaluating whether to pursue a study abroad program.