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Polyglot Spring Semester 2015

Welcome to the Spring 2015 Edition of Polyglot, the undergraduate journal of the Department of Modern Languages at Carnegie Mellon University. All contributions below will open in PDF format.

Contributors to the Spring 2015 Issue

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Chinese Studies

Do Hyung Kim
Leslie Tay
Joanne Hsueh
Lucy Tai
Maximilien Vachon
Jerry Wu (1)
Jerry Wu (2)
Qiutong Ye (1)
Qiutong Ye (2)
Diana Zhu
James Chienan Chen
Kate Beittenmiller
Michael Stroucken
Jonathan Leung

French and Francophone Studies

Lizi Ottens
Rebecca Paren
Ashley Sobhani
Ariana Zahedi

German Studies

Emily Khaykin (1)
Emily Khaykin (2)

Hispanic Studies

Christina Cabana
Nancy Wei
Emily Joyce
Carson Quiros
Harris Mazur
Matt Powell-Palm
Chris Galvin
Barbara Samaniego
Lindsay Kincaid
Nikita Bokil

Japanese Studies

Laura Berry
Amal Nanavati
Christine Lee
Emily Pond
Joshua Zak
Felicia Alfieri
Kez Muneta

Russian Studies

Rob Stephens
Anne-Sophie Kim Translation:
In this on-line publication, we offer translations of a few of Anna Sokhrina's stories, some very new that have never been published. The translations were made by students Julia Embody, Julia Grip, Valenetina Kozina, Katie Krasnikova, Dima Ivanyuk, Anton Kuznetsov, Aline Naroditsky, Anton Razanav, Abby Volynsky, and Samuel Zbarsky of Dr. Naum Kats’ class “82399 – Special Topics in Russia” and edited by students Sophie Wirt and Von Wise (Department of English).
  1. Introduction: Anna Sokhrina and her Short Stories
  2. The Countess
  3. An Almost Christmas Story
  4. Girl, do you want to be in a movie?
  5. For Office Use Only
  6. Anna Sokhrina. A Man’s Memory: Eight Interpretations of One Story